An Australian Sister's story of leaving Mother Teresa, losing faith, and her on-going search for meaning
Colette Livermore
cover of Hope Endures

Colette Livermore was a member of Mother Teresa's order the Missionaries of Charity for eleven years from 1973-1984.

Hope Endures describes Colette's life in the Missionaries of Charity: the story of a round peg in a square hole, a journey from certainty to doubt, and an unflinching account of the people she met who struggle on the edge of life, uncertain if they will survive.

The inspiring story of an incredible woman, Hope Endures is also a critique that asks readers to question blind faith and obedience and discover their own true path to practising goodness in life.


  • "Hope Endures is one of the most fascinating accounts of the spiritual journey I have ever read ..." Larry Dossey, MD, Healing Words and Reinventing Medicine more »
  • "Hope Endures is compelling. Livermore perfectly captures our yearning to want life to fit our spiritual ideals ..." Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit more »
  • "This penetrating book unveils the blindness that lurks in many spiritual organizations and traditions ..." Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul more »


  • "Livermore quietly shows how the rule of Mother Teresa could destroy lives. It caused her to leave the order, Catholicism and any semblance of faith." more »
  • "Livermore has not lost her ideals, and she retains a genuine humility, one which doesn’t deny her capacity for meaningful service. Hope Endures is passionate and intelligent and very moving." more »


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The beautiful East Gosford Regional Art Gallery was filled with in excess of 200 visitors for the launch of local doctor, Colette Livermore’s book, Hope Endures published in Australia by Random House and in the USA by Free Press. more about the launch »